Teen Writing Prompt Tip


I think it’s important to make goals and not just after the new year. My goal is to finish my book by the end of June. I’d like to start the sequel and maybe another project over the summer. I have so much work to do after school because I hang out with my film club and shoot events after school, so I get how busy teens are these days.

I end up not meeting my goals but instead of giving up I adjust them and start again. I want to learn Final Cut Pro, hit the gym and end up with that summer body and finish my book! Why not work on setting some goals today? I even decided to get some support so a few friends and I decided to meet and check in on how we are doing once a week. We have dinner but you can have pizza. Why not give it a try andfriends support each other?


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  1. I find an accountability group is a great incentive for me. I’m doing a daily one with a couple of online writer friends. After we’ve done our writing for the day, we send an email with the word “done” in the subject line. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough to keep me putting words on a page. I participated in several month-long accountability challenges in 2013 with another group of writers. It was my best writing year ever. Good luck with reaching all your goals!

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