Teen Writing Prompt 672


I just picked up The Rise of Nine Pittacus Lore’s third book in the I am Number Four series. Pittacus Lore isn’t the author’s name; it’s actually the name of a character in the book. The book isn’t narrated by Pittacus’s perspective, instead it’s narrated by several of the characters.

This series focuses on the lives on teenaged aliens who escaped from the planet Lorien.  These teens develop their special powers called Legacies when they “come of age”. There are the last of their kind and they are being hunted by an evil alien race called the Mogadorians. Each alien teen is given a name based on the order in which they can die. So far three are dead and the charm that made it only possible to kill them in the order of their numbers is broken.

What would be your alien story? Think about where your aliens came from and what makes them different and who is their enemy?Have some fun with this one! Be creative and have some fun.


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