Teen Writing Tip


I have learned a lot by reading YA novels. Here are some of the things that I’ve learned. A lot of novels begin with protagonists that are “normal” girls. They don’t stand out among other people and much of the time they just want to blend into the background. There are a few exceptions of course, Katniss Everdeen was always a rebel but a lot of the time protagonists don’t start off as “powerful” teens. Starting a teen girl off as a powerful person doesn’t give them room to grow and often they do most teen girl protagonists become stronger than their male counterparts.


It’s important to have a great story that doesn’t just revolve around a teen girl crushing on some guy. I tend to write characters that I admire, so in my opinion romances better left in the subplot. Don’t get me wrong I really love the romantic subplots when reading a great novel. I just think that young women, teen girls are powerful and I love to see that power on the pages of a great book.

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  1. Nice thought and I totally agree with you! I’m writing a novel right now where the romance is more subplot, but the action and the focus on the main character (a girl, of course) is what drives the novel.

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