Teen Writing Tip


I’ve read lots of articles about what it takes to be a good writer.  Here are a few that I thought were pretty good advice.

1. Write every day. I know, I know we all get busy but what about writing at least half an hour a day? If you write half an hour you could get a chapter completed. At the end of the month 4 chapters and who knows maybe they’d be those days when you’d write a little more.

2. Set goals. I had a goal of finishing my application for the Amtrak Residency program by the end of the week. The application included 10 pages from my novel and two short essays in response to a question. Setting a goal helped me complete my application. Of course it’s also important to set realistic and achievable goals in order to make them feel like something you could actually accomplish.

3. Read every day. One article suggested that writer read prior to writing.

4. Write what you know.

5. Before submitting work to a competition have someone read your work first.

6. Edit your work. No matter how great you feel your manuscript is never submit a first draft. It’s better to leave the alone for a few weeks and return to it with a new outlook on the story.

7. Don’t listen to others who tell you that you can’t make it as a writer. Too old. Too young. Forget what they say.  If you keep with it one day you will have success.



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