Writing Contest


Here’s a writing competition I found on Funds for Writers. Funds for Writers is a weekly newsletter I subscribe to. This competition didn’t specify any age limits so it’s worth checking out.



The Elixir Press 2014 Fiction Award

Elixir Press is sponsoring a fiction contest open to all writers writing in English.  Both short story collections and novels are eligible.  The prize will be $2500, publication by Elixir Press, and 25 copies of the book.


  • Manuscripts should be typed on one side of the page and on standard paper.
  • No dot matrix unless letter quality.
  • Send a business size SASE for reply only; manuscripts cannot be returned.
  • An SAS postcard for receipt of manuscript is optional.
  • Please use a 12 to 14 point font.
  • Do not send the only copy of your manuscript.
  • Do not send biographical material, photographs, CDs, videos, or illustrations.
  • Enclose a cover sheet stating the name of the manuscript and the author’s name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number and a cover sheet with the title alone.
  • Manuscripts must be double-spaced, paginated, and include a table of contents, if appropriate, and an acknowledgments page, if appropriate.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome, so long as Elixir is notified immediately if a manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
  • Manuscripts should be 120 pages to 500 pages in length.
  • Please secure your manuscript with either a rubber band or file folder.  Do not otherwise bind your manuscript.
  • Friends, students, and former students of the judge or the editorial staff of Elixir Press are ineligible to enter.

The fee is $40

The postmark deadline for the contest is May 31, 2014.

Submit to: Elixir Press Fiction Award

P.O. Box 27029

Denver, CO 80227

e-mail info@elixirpress.com


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