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Here’s an internship opportunity that was posted on Funds for Writers.

Interns needed for DRIVE-IN Film Festival
New York, NY

On behalf of C.C. Webster (Film ’06), Festival Founder & Creative DirectorDRIVE-IN Film Festival is looking for interns for 2014 season! 

We are looking for at least 6-8 interns for the 7th Annual DRIVE-IN Film Festival. We bring independent film to small towns across America–and support a dying art, the local drive-In.

The 2014 DRIVE-IN Film Festival is a creative not-for-profit, and we are so excited to be continuing this season. The Drive-In Film Festival has screened at many drive-ins, including digital screenings in NY and PA.

Qualities we look for in DIFF interns:

  • Interested in learning how to put together a film festival and/or learning how a non-profit works
  • Self-motivated – most work will be done on your own time and expected to be finished in a timely manner!
  • Team player – each intern will play a vital role in the festival and ideas are always welcome!
  • Interested in: web design, projection, film research, press, programming, fundraising, drive-in outreach, and the DIFF video project

What the DIFF Can Do for You:

  • Provide a unique experience – this is not a “run and fetch coffee” internship! DIFF interns play a big part in putting together the festival.
  • Room for growth – more interesting and specific titles may be given to those who show interest and promise
  • Flexible scheduling – this is NOT a 9-to-5 internship; meetings take place once or twice a week from 10-2pm (lunch provided by DIFF!)
  • Course Credit – interning at DIFF is considered a full-time internship, as we factor in hours you work from home and attendance at meetings.
  • Provide a fun experience as you participate in film screenings, fundraisers, and helping to support a dying art!

Interested applicants should send their resume to



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