Teen Writing Prompt 678


I decided to honor Memorial Day today. No matter what you feel about the war we still should respect our soldiers. Sure there are things that go wrong and soldiers who make the wrong choices when fighting but remember that’s not all soldiers. And their sacrifice is great.

Besides soldiers there are many people who make sacrifices on the behalf of others. Today write a poem, short story, or essay thanking a soldier or someone who has made sacrifices for someone else.

Here’s m poem below.

US flag

A Soldier’s Tribute

A mother’s cry, a wife’s burden

Marching into the unknown

The soldier steps forth bravely.

Destination unknown, yet walking forth regardless.

Seeing things that are difficult to bare.

Returning home to a country that forgets them.

When instead they should be welcomed.

Thank you for your sacrifice. For taking on my burden allowing me to be free.


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