Teen Writing Promot 673


vo_O8GUz_mp-A-W0wVw6iIPMUsHb0-HGHkb7O4LXMKT_swEiD3fFqA6s_baU2YsizU3f=s119In honor of the release of The Walking Dead trailer. Here’s a prompt for my fellow zombie lovers.vo_O8GUz_mp-A-W0wVw6iIPMUsHb0-HGHkb7O4LXMKT_swEiD3fFqA6s_baU2YsizU3f=s119

Clare could feel the panic rise inside her but she willed herself to stay calm. The air was heat and the temperature outside had climbed to 102 degrees. People are dying out there is she thought. And I’ll be next if I don’t do something. She had no weapon. Nothing to defend herself with but then again why should she? she was sixteen and at summer camp. Zombies aren’t real she once told herself after watching a zombie marathon with her best friend Becca. Sometimes something you never expected to happen could happen. Like Gabe kissing her the other night.
“Stop thinking that,” she whispered. “God I’m the only person who would think about making out when there are 100 zombies surrounding this cabin.”


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