Teen Writing Tips


When trying to come up with a script idea I remember one of my professors told me that the best way to come up with a story is think of a character, place a character in a situation, then think about what the worst thing that could happen to your character.

Here’s an example Tomorrow I have to return to school after a long break. My school is in a 45 minute drive and the community is in the mountains. Lots of my students hunt and ski. The area has lots of woods, actually it’s mostly woods. What would happen if I lived there and over the week something crazy was happening to the outside world. The world beyond the boundaries of my town.  I’d have survival skills and I would know how to get around in the outdoors since I ski and hike. Maybe I could use these skills to survive. Survive okay now …happens.

20140820_111429After that I’d build on that idea and eventually an idea would evolve into a story. What’s your “worst thing that could happen” scenario?


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