Teen Book Review- The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancy



I just finished reading The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancy. This novel is the second in the 5th Wave series. In this book we follow several characters, Cassie Sullivan, one of the last human survivors on Earth. Cassie is looking for Evan Walker, a half-alien hybrid who has fallen in love with her and helped her save her brother, Sam from an alien camp.

The novel also follows Ringer, a young teen who is part of Cassie’s group. I don’t want to give anything away by getting more into the plot but what I can say is that this story focuses on both characters. Sometimes I found it a bit confusing because the font different change but after a few paragraphs it was clear on whose story I was following. The pace is slower than the first novel but hold on because it’s a great ride.

After fighting for survival both Ringer and Cassie are able to reconnect with the simple things that makes them human, even in the midst of fighting an impossible war against aliens who want to wipe out the entire human race. Great story The movie is already in the works. Read the novels first because there is a lot of heartbreak and surprises that may be changed in the film version and this version is worth experiencing.


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