Teen Book Review – Matched by Ally Condie



I just finished reading Matched by Ally Condie. Matched centers on the life of Cassie Reyes a teenaged girl who has who’s scheduled to be matched. In Cassie’s world almost everyone in her society gets matched except for a few people who are chosen to live their lives alone.  In her society the Officials that oversee it are in control of everything who you marry, what occupation who will have and even when you die.

One of the things I loved about the book is Cassie. She’s a strong-willed teen who has a defiant streak in her and in her world having this trait will only get you into trouble. During Cassie’s matching ceremony everything does great. She’s matched with her best friend Xander, The only problem is when she is given a microchip that has courtship rules and information about her match another boy’s face pops up on the screen instead of her match. This events changes Cassie’s life forever. Why ruin it and tell you more? Just read the book before the movie comes out and yes this book is optioned too.

It has romance but by the end of the first book actions starts to build as Cassie sets out to find answers to mysterious events that has been happening.


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