Teen Writing Prompt 710



writng 3 Summer is coming to an end and I haven’t reached my writing goals, have you? Never fear , we still have a week left and the rest of the year. The only thing we can do is write.  Even if you can only manage one good hour during the day. Write. Write because you have something to say. Believe in your story and just write it.

I guess as I write this I am telling myself the same advice I am writing here. Life sometimes gets in the way and when it does do what you need to do to take care of yourself then come back to your story and keep the story moving forward until you finally come to an end. Writers write. It’s your story. Don’t apologize for anything because one day you will finish it and you’ll have an amazing journey to remember.

Here’s the prompt:

You move to a new house and walk around the house as you discover bits and pieces of items left behind from the previous owners. You find a story that a young girl started writing. She stuffed the journal behind a loose board in wall. What did she write? When did she live in the house? Write about the discovery and finish her story for her.


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