Teen Writing Prompt 712



The new genres in the writing section of the Young Arts mentorship program includes spoken word. Spoken word is performance-based poetry that tells a story. There is no specific way that the poem has to be performed but each performance has a certain kind of style. Why not try and write your own spoken work poem.


Lookin’ for Love

Look it up on youtube then try one of your own.

Meeting someone is hard so hard.

People do all kinds of crazy things when they are looking for love. I

remember this one girl she decided to join a gym

in hope of finding the one.

Sweat on her brow working hard on her body and hard looking for love.

And then he was there.

Right before her eyes.

Her honeypie.

Working out in that very same class.

You see you really can find love in all sorts of places.


(Okay this was my off the cuff attempt. You get the picture)


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