How to Plan Your Stories

How to Plan Your Stories

Years ago when I was working with WriteGirl, a teen mentorship program for teen writers I took part in a writing workshop. Every month we worked on a different genre and that month it was fiction. I was told to create a character and to think about what that character wanted. Years later that character and writing exercise evolved into my first novel.  I just finished my manuscript this year.

I want you to try that exercise. I’ve added a few more components. Let’s see how it works for you.

Think about a character. What does your character want? Love, success, revenge? Now think about who or what wouldn’t want your character to achieve his or her goals. Remember it can be a thing. In the book Up in the Air, the protagonist was Mount Everest.

Now create a flaw or special skill for your character. This doesn’t mean that your character has to be a superhero. Everyone is unique what makes your character different?

Now create obstacles that will make things difficult for your character to get what he/she wants. I’ll check back and add more on my next post.

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