Teen Writing Tip


good vs. evilI know a lot of you probably wonder what kind of book you should write. The trend is dystopia which are stories about a future world where everything is bleak. The Hunger Games, The Giver, The 5th Wave, Unwind, Divergent, and many other series tell stories about a world where life is unfair and unjust. Protagonists in these stories are forced to find the courage to change the world they live in.

Writing this kind of book won’t guarantee you success. I think you need to write the story that’s calling to you instead and don’t try to follow the “trend” because I think publishers are looking for new, original material.

I am writing a realistic fiction book. I think my story is original. I read lots of YA novels and I haven’t come across a series like the one I am writing.

Think about a character. Is your character and boy or girl? Now what does your character want? Love, revenge, success? Now create obstacles that will keep your character from reaching his/her goals. All stories are about these basic principles. Remember to be creative and have some fun.



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