Teen Writing Prompt 724


Great stories begin with two simple words “what if?”  What if every year a two teenagers from your community are forced to fight to the death in televised gladiator games? What if you fall in love with a boy and discover he’s a vampire? What if you discover that demons and angels are real?

Here’s the prompt. What if you’re out camping with friends and you see something fall out of the sky? What if you know that this object isn’t from Earth? What if you and your friends track and object and find an empty vessel only to discover that something was inside?

Now write the rest. Be creative and have some fun!

lane 1


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  1. Sounds like the movie Echo. My current novel project is based on this what if: What if 5th Reich Nazis got ahold of time travel technology at the end of the world, and their only hope for survival was the past??

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