Teen Writing Prompt 732


By now you have already lived through some pretty amazing historical events. We’ve had our first African-American president, we’ve sent space crafts to Mars and taken samples. Lots of things have happened some good and some not so good.

Write a poem based on a historical event.


Here’s mine. When I returned from my documentary photography class I turned on the TV and discovered the space shuttle Challenger exploded.


The Challenger

They thought they were taking a trip into the sky.

To see the world from up high.

Up went the spacecraft until it reached great heights.

It was up so high it was almost out of sight.

Suddenly there was a fire, then came an explosion. 

We looked up in horror not knowing what was really going on.

At first we thought that the ship was just moving on. 

The travelers were lost not one survived. 

That day our country was in mourning and there was not one dry eye.


Not perfect I admit but you get the idea. Give this one a try.





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