Teen Writing Tip – Finishing Your Book



I recently finished my book after about 9 drafts. I read several books on revision and Walter Mosley’s book This Year You Write Our Novel, one of my favorites which suggests that writers look at each character and follow their character arc/ story in your book. It was hard work but taking a look at each character one by one as they helps to allow you to focus on mini-stories and interweave with overall larger in your novel.

I also had several people who read YA (Young Adult Fiction) read by book and that led to more notes. After years of writing my book, Bait I decided to create an agent list. Every writer thanks their agent in the acknowledgement section so after I read a YA novel that I enjoyed I wrote down each name of author’s agent and researched the agents. Right now I have ten agents, three of which I plan to write a query letter to. Each agent has a list of what they want you to send if you are interested in having them represent you. Most lists want a letter and in the letter you tell them about yourself and your book.

Start making your agent list as you read your favoriate books. One day you’ll need it.

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