Teen Book Review- Dread Nation by Justina Ireland


The novel Dread Nation by Justina Ireland is The Walking Dead meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The story takes place right after the end of the Civil War soon after the dead starting to rise and wreak havoc on the country. The novel focuses on the life of Jane, a young girl who is attending Mrs.Preston School of Combat Training. The girls are trained in hand to hand combat and weaponry in order to become Attendants or protectors of white women from affluent families from zombies/shamblers.

The backdrop of the story does focus on how terribly Jane and other young African-American people are treated. Some people are experimented on while most are forced to give their lives in order to protect people who treat them as sub-human, not caring at all about their lives and sometimes killing them without any cause.

In the midst of everything Janes finds herself falling in love as she fights back to save herself and the people she loves. Great book! Can’t wait for the sequel!


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