Teen Book Review- Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter


I just finished reading If I Save You First by Ally Carter. This teen book is a thriller. I don’t come across many in YA. The story centers on the life of Maddie, a young girl who moved to Alaska after her father, a former Secret Service bodyguard for the president, is almost killed after foiling the kidnapping of the First Lady.

The story begins when Maddie and Logan are ten years old and there’s a party at the White House. The Russian president is attending and security is high. Maddie and Logan discover that the First Lady is being kidnapped and Maddie’s father saves her, killing the kidnappers but also almost getting killed himself. After the attack Maddie’s father moved to Alaska with Maddie. Maddie was heartbroken over the move because she had to leave Logan, her bed friend.

After Maddie moves to a small cabin in Alaska she finds herself without friends and living in isolation with her father. Logan on the other hand has grown up and become a security menace for his bodyguards who he constantly ditches. Maddie and Logan are reunited when his parents send him to Alaska to stay with Maddie and her father. Of course all hell breaks loose. Without giving the story away there’s lots of teen angst and battles and Maddie fights to save Logan from the same people who tried to kidnap his mother. It’s a great ride and lots of fun.

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