Teen Book Review- Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles



Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles was a novel about twin  Marvin and Tyler Johnson who live in Sterling Point, a rough gang invested neighborhood. In spite of it all Marvin is  an honor student with nearly perfect SAT scores and a plan on getting into MIT. There best friends are Ivy and G-Mo. The four of them make up “the nerds”. They all try to make it through life, a life where the police always see them as suspects regardless of what they do or don’t do.

After Tyler starts to associate with a known gang member things start to change between him and Marvin. Then one night after a crazy party that ends up in a shoot out Tyler goes missing, leaving Marvin to search for his twin and blame himself for his disappearance. Tyler’s body is later found, (This isn’t a spoiler it’s the book jacket) and Marvin discovers that a police office murdered his brother. Now he tries to come to terms with the truth and how he plans on handling it as he tries to find justice for his brother.

I loved this story. It’s a touching and emotional journey. That will make your heart ache. I loved this book. It took me on an emotional journey, one that will be difficult to forget.

# teen books # YA

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