Teen Book Review- Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


I think that Nicola Yoon is the new go to person for teen romance. Everything, Everything  is the story of Maddy Whittier, a teenaged girl who can’t leave her house because she has no immune system. Maddy lives with her mother; her brother and father died when she as a few years old. Maddy’s home is sanitized and sterile. Maddie or the other hands craves more color in her life. Her mother is also her doctor and she controls her entire life. The only friend she has is Carla, her nurse and Rosa Carla’s daughter. Besides her mother they are the only people who Maddy comes in contact with.

One day new neighbors move in next door and that’s when Maddy’s life changed forever. She befriends Ollie, the teenaged boy next door. Soon Ollie and Maddy fall in love leading Maddy to take more chances. With the help of Carla, Ollie and Maddy have the opportunity to spend time together in person. Standing across the room, leads to being seated next to each other, followed by a first kiss and so much more. This story is about falling in love and taking chances.

I don’t want to reveal spoilers so I’ll stop right there. The actually saw the movie before reading the book and I think the film is a pretty good adaptation but still nothing beats a book. The book was so good, actually it’s creative and EXCELLENT.  I know you’ll love it  just as much as I did.

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