Teen Book Review- The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken



I just finished reading The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. It’s X-Men meets Push. The story takes place in modern-day America where a disease IAAN has killed most of the children in the U.S. The ones that didn’t die have developed special powers. The government fears them and ends up placing the children in camps, where are the tested on and tortured, while their parents believe that they are being rehabilitated.

Ruby, the story’s protagonist discovers her powers on her 10th birthday when she accidentally erases her parents’ minds leaving them to have no memory of her. Psi agents sent by the government end up capturing her and placing her in a camp where children  are separated into groups based on their ability: Greens who have high intelligence; Yellows who can control or create electricity; Oranges that can control your mind,; Blues who have telekinesis; and Reds who have violent powers. Ruby uses her powers to make them belive that she’s a harmless Green, knowing that they will harm her if they discover her real powers. 

Ruby escapes from the camp with the help of Cate, a resistance fighter, and member of the Children’s League, a resistance group who wants to use her and others like her. Ruby discovers Cate’s betrayal and eventually meets up with Zu, Chubbs, and Liam, fellow “freaks” who are also on the run. 

This story has loads of action and even has a touch of romance.  It’s a great read. 

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