Teen Book Review- As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti


As You Wish by Chelsea Sedotti, centers on the life of Eldo Wilkes, a seventeen year old teen who lives in Madison, a small town in the Mojavo desert. From the outside the town looks like a boring desert town, trip to nowhere but the people in Madison are keeping a secret. Everyone gets a “wish” on their 18th birthday. However, there are a few rules to wish making. Everyone in town looks forward to that special moment when they can make their wish but there wish can’t change the outside world, they can tell outsiders about wishing, and they definitely can’t harm another person or bring back the dead.

Everyone cherishes the moment that they finally get to wish except Eldo when he discovers that some wishes are more like curses than rewards. His sets out with his best friends Merrill and Norie to find the truth about wishes and uncovers the secret about wishing.

I won this book in a Twitter contest and for that I am grateful. It’s a unique and fantastic story that keeps you interested from beginning to end. Eldo, the story’s protagonist isn’t like most protagonists. He’s not a totally perfect and likable guy most of the time. He has flaws and it’s his flaws that make the journey fun. I think you’re really going to love this book.

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