Teen Writing Prompt 800


Fantasy books are the top sellers. Books like Children of Blood and Bone have made crazy million dollar book and movie deals and she’s not the only writer to snag an awesome deal.

For this prompt I want you to create a new world. Most dystopian novels like Hunger Games and Divergent are set in the future. The worlds are like our world except most of the time the world is in ruin while use of technology is used to suppress people.

Novels like The Children of Blood and Bone create new worlds. The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien was set in a world where trees talked, elves roamed the land, and dragons dominated the air.

What is your world like? What kind of new creatives exist? For this prompt just set up the world.

Here’s an example.

My city is surrounded by waterfalls that flows from the heaven. I always looked up to the heavens, wanted to know what beyond, the Great Beyond. No one ever left our land. Why should we?

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