Teen Writing Prompt 801


Now that you have thought about the setting for your fantasy world write about the people.  Lord of the Rings for example, has a variety of “beings”; Hobbits who are like dwarfs, they are short about four feet tall, have large hairy feet, and they are peaceful folk who love to smoke tobacco and drink ale;  Dwarfs are warriors who live in the mountain, are great warriors and, they are brave and a greedy nature.  They spend lots of time digging for treasure; Elves are beautiful, great fighters, and immortal; Men, some that are normal and some that have extremely long lives; Oarks who are created by evil Wizards, Talking Trees, and Wizards.All these characters have rules about their appearance and what they are capable of.

In my waterfall world my characters have blue eyes like water. Some are mermaids and they are great swimmers.

What does your characters look like? Red hair? Diverse group of people? Clans with different features? It’s your world; you decide!

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