Scholastic Arts and Writing Competition (Novel Writing & Personal Essay/Memoir)


Novel Writing

To enter this category submit an excerpt from your novel that is no longer than 3,000 words as well as the completed novel in a PDF. Please include a brief summary of the entire novel. Below are the guidelines:

  1. Your submissions must be excerpted from completed manuscripts. Your submission must include a PDF of the full novel. The excerpt should not be longer than 3,000 words.
  2. Include brief summary (250 words or less) of the entire novel. The summary is meant to provide readers with an understanding of the full scope, themes, arc, and plot of your novel. The summary does not count toward the maximum word limit.
  3. Submissions must be uploaded to your student account at  registration page.
  4. Mail the form and fee to the address on the upper right hand corner of your submission from.
  5. You do NOT have to mail manuscripts with the form and fee.
  6. Your name and school must NOT appear on the submission.
  7. Adaptations of or sequels to existing published series are not accepted.

Personal Essay & Memoir

This category is a non-fiction category. The work must be a non-fiction work based on opinion, experience, and/or emotion that explores a topic or event.

Essays in which humor is the key element should be submitted to the humor category. There is a 500–3,000 words limit for your story. for more information. 

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