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Writer working on her first novel after years of writing screenplays. I want to give others the opportunity to start writing!

Teen Writing Prompt 695


big beautiful tree

This tree makes me think about somewhere special. It just looks like it should be somewhere special and magical. Tell me about that special, magical place. How did you get there? Perhaps it was a wish that somehow came true?  Maybe it isn’t real at all.  Come up with your story and have some fun. For me, I see it as an oasis in the middle of parched land.

My character has to stay there for a while to get stronger and she doesn’t want to leave the refuge of the leaves and food that the tree provides that nourishes her but she must go on in order to save her little sister who was kidnapped. In fact maybe all the little children were taken from their families but she’s brave enough to follow the kidnappers. That’s what I think about as I look at this photo. What do you see?



Teen Writing Prompt 694


What if you came across a weird mural at the end of a lonely alley? What if that mural was painted by someone with magical powers and touching that mural pulled you inside the picture?

Take a picture of a mural and use that mural to create your story. If you can’t take a picture look for one online. Be creative and have some fun. I am adding a photo I took in Little Havana.


Teen Book Review- The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancy



I just finished reading The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancy. This novel is the second in the 5th Wave series. In this book we follow several characters, Cassie Sullivan, one of the last human survivors on Earth. Cassie is looking for Evan Walker, a half-alien hybrid who has fallen in love with her and helped her save her brother, Sam from an alien camp.

The novel also follows Ringer, a young teen who is part of Cassie’s group. I don’t want to give anything away by getting more into the plot but what I can say is that this story focuses on both characters. Sometimes I found it a bit confusing because the font different change but after a few paragraphs it was clear on whose story I was following. The pace is slower than the first novel but hold on because it’s a great ride.

After fighting for survival both Ringer and Cassie are able to reconnect with the simple things that makes them human, even in the midst of fighting an impossible war against aliens who want to wipe out the entire human race. Great story The movie is already in the works. Read the novels first because there is a lot of heartbreak and surprises that may be changed in the film version and this version is worth experiencing.

Teen Writing Prompt 691


Every year people make New Years resolutions. What a poem about you New Years resolution. Here’s my example.


This Year

My treadmill is no longer lonely.

As sweat pours down the back with each step,

A calendar tracks my progress.

This year I will do it. 

My laptop is no longer lonely. 

As my fingers beat down on its keys giving life to my story.

Page by page the story unfolds.

This year I will finish it.

Last year, this year

Promises made 

goals made


Teen Writing Prompt 689



I thought I’d use my scenario from yesterday’s writing tip as today’s prompt. What if you lived in the city and was traveling to the country or you lived in the country and was traveling to the city after a long time of not traveling there. Once you arrive you realize something has changed. What has changed in the outside world and what skills have you acquired that will help you deal with this change?

Who is your protagonist? Is anyone helping her/him with this situation? As I write this I think about Rick from The Walking Dead. Rick woke up to realize society has ended and zombies have taken over the city. His skills as a cop help him survive and find his family.

What’s your story?


Teen Writing Tips


When trying to come up with a script idea I remember one of my professors told me that the best way to come up with a story is think of a character, place a character in a situation, then think about what the worst thing that could happen to your character.

Here’s an example Tomorrow I have to return to school after a long break. My school is in a 45 minute drive and the community is in the mountains. Lots of my students hunt and ski. The area has lots of woods, actually it’s mostly woods. What would happen if I lived there and over the week something crazy was happening to the outside world. The world beyond the boundaries of my town.  I’d have survival skills and I would know how to get around in the outdoors since I ski and hike. Maybe I could use these skills to survive. Survive okay now …happens.

20140820_111429After that I’d build on that idea and eventually an idea would evolve into a story. What’s your “worst thing that could happen” scenario?

New Novel Released- The Infinite Sea



I am currently reading The Infinite Sea, the second novel in the 5th Wave series by Rick Yancy. It’s so hard to keep track of all the sequels constantly coming out. It seems tat just about every YA novel is part of a series.

Book 2, The Infinite Sea continues the story of Cassie Sullivan, one of the last survivors of an alien invasion that has killed off more than half of the Earth’s population. In this world there is little room for love as survivors band together to fight the humanoid species that is attempting to kill off the remaining survivors ad take over the planet.

I will be writing a review soon.