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Writer working on her first novel after years of writing screenplays. I want to give others the opportunity to start writing!

Teen Scholarship

Teen Scholarship

Anthony Quinn Foundation Accepting Applications for Arts Scholarship Program

The Anthony Quinn Foundation has announced the deadline for its 2016 Scholarship Program, an annual program that aims to perpetuate the legendary actor/artist’s vision for an art-conscious society.

Through its scholarship program, the foundation supports high school students’ extracurricular study of the visual arts and design, performing arts, media arts, and the literary arts. Scholarship amounts range from $1,000 to $3,000.

Scholarships may be used for a recognized pre-college, summer, or afterschool arts education program, but may not be used for either secondary school or college tuition.

To be eligible, applicants must be a young adult in high school who demonstrates exceptional talent, dedication, and a strong commitment to personal artistic growth and who will benefit from financial support.

The foundation will begin accepting applications on October 15, 2015. Full applications must be returned no later than January 3, 2016.

Visit the Anthony Quinn Foundation website for complete program guidelines, a promotional video, information about previous scholarship recipients, and application instructions.

Teen Writing Prompt 714



I was walking down the street feeling tired, burnt out because nothing was going my way. Brad broke up with me and my mom lost her job. We were already barely making it so now what are we going to do?

That’s how I was feeling a week ago until I say that kid holding up that sign…

What happens next and where is your character now? How does he/she make her/his luck change? Details baby details!Let’s hear it.

Teen Scholarship



This isn’t a writing scholarship but it was so unusual I had to include this one on my blog, especially since I am a vegetarian. I posted this one early so that if you are a vegan or vegetarian you could start working on applying for this great opportunity. Check on the amount of the cash prize. Pretty impressive huh?

Are you a vegetarian who promotes the lifestyle? Three high school seniors graduating in spring 2016 who have promoted vegetarianism in their communities or schools will be awarded The Vegetarian Resource Group College Scholarships in the amount of $10,000 (one award) and $5,000 (two awards) in 2016.

. Qualifying applications and essays become the property of the sponsoring Vegetarian Resource Group. Applicants are judged on courage, compassion and strong commitment to promoting peace through a vegan lifestyle. Vegetarians do not consume fowl, meat or fish. One $10,000 and Two $5,000 scholarships are awarded. Go to the website for complete details

The deadline to apply is February 20, 2016

Teen Writing Competition – Scholastics Arts and Writing



I’ve already written about the Young Arts Competition for musics, artists, filmmakers and writers. The Scholastic Arts and Writing Competition is another great teen scholar ship competition that is coming up.

This competition awards metals and scholarships to its winners. There are many categories and they like the Young Arts competition the awards are for students in fine arts, graphic arts, writing, cinematic arts and much more. I don’t believe there is a category for music or theater but this competition is still one worth checking out.

Students in grades 7 to 12 can apply and there are 28 different categories to choose from. I don’t see any deadlines posted yet but last year the deadline was in February. I am sure the deadline will be posted soon.

Check out the site for more information and good luck.

Teen Writing Prompt 712



The new genres in the writing section of the Young Arts mentorship program includes spoken word. Spoken word is performance-based poetry that tells a story. There is no specific way that the poem has to be performed but each performance has a certain kind of style. Why not try and write your own spoken work poem.


Lookin’ for Love

Look it up on youtube then try one of your own.

Meeting someone is hard so hard.

People do all kinds of crazy things when they are looking for love. I

remember this one girl she decided to join a gym

in hope of finding the one.

Sweat on her brow working hard on her body and hard looking for love.

And then he was there.

Right before her eyes.

Her honeypie.

Working out in that very same class.

You see you really can find love in all sorts of places.


(Okay this was my off the cuff attempt. You get the picture)

Teen Arts Competition – Young Arts



I know it’s early and school has just begun but the Young Arts Competition is back for another year. This competition is great for students in the performing arts, fine arts, cinematic arts and of course writing. You could have a chance to win $10.000 plus be part of a great mentorship program.

YoungArts is accepting applications from 15-18 year old artists for its 2016 Program through October 16, 2015. Applicants have the chance to:

  • Win cash awards of up to $10,000
  • Take Master classes with world-renowned artists
  • Perform and exhibit in the most prestigious venues in the country
  • Become eligible for nomination as a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts
  • Opt into the Student List Service, a directory of YoungArts applicants that is sent to the best colleges, universities and conservatories in the nation.

For more information and to view the video about this great program go to the Young Arts website.

Teen Writing Prompt 710



writng 3 Summer is coming to an end and I haven’t reached my writing goals, have you? Never fear , we still have a week left and the rest of the year. The only thing we can do is write.  Even if you can only manage one good hour during the day. Write. Write because you have something to say. Believe in your story and just write it.

I guess as I write this I am telling myself the same advice I am writing here. Life sometimes gets in the way and when it does do what you need to do to take care of yourself then come back to your story and keep the story moving forward until you finally come to an end. Writers write. It’s your story. Don’t apologize for anything because one day you will finish it and you’ll have an amazing journey to remember.

Here’s the prompt:

You move to a new house and walk around the house as you discover bits and pieces of items left behind from the previous owners. You find a story that a young girl started writing. She stuffed the journal behind a loose board in wall. What did she write? When did she live in the house? Write about the discovery and finish her story for her.

Teen Book Review Crossed by Ally Condie



I just finished reading Crossed by Ally Condie. I really enjoyed seeing Cassia evolve from a love stricken teen to a rebel. This book focuses on Cassia’s quest to find Ky after he’s been taken by the Officials and sent to another community. In this book you’ll see how Cassia becomes a strong person who is capable of doing things she never thought she could.

This book has romance of course but a large focus in this book is action. Here, we discover the darker side of Society and several secrets are revealed. I hate giving too much away by writing a long review. Just check out this book. I think you’ll enjoy it.