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Writer working on her first novel after years of writing screenplays. I want to give others the opportunity to start writing!

Teen Writing Prompt 724


Great stories begin with two simple words “what if?”  What if every year a two teenagers from your community are forced to fight to the death in televised gladiator games? What if you fall in love with a boy and discover he’s a vampire? What if you discover that demons and angels are real?

Here’s the prompt. What if you’re out camping with friends and you see something fall out of the sky? What if you know that this object isn’t from Earth? What if you and your friends track and object and find an empty vessel only to discover that something was inside?

Now write the rest. Be creative and have some fun!

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To Copyright or not Copyright


The Library of Congress allows writers and other creative people to register their original work. Copyrighting your work with the Library of Congress proves ownership. In the past I’ve received lots of advice on how to protect your work. Some people told me to just mail a copy of my script to myself and that was enough proof instead of doing that I decided to register my work with the Library of Congress.  For scripts I’ve used form PA and for my novel I use form TE. There are different forms to fill out depending on what you are registering.

The cost have gone up and there is a different fee if you register online or mail in your application. It cost me $35 to register my novel online. If I mailed in the material it would have cost me $85. Registering online is also a quicker process. The cool thing about registering your work is that if can log on and see all the work you’ve ever registered along with the copyright number.

If you’ve worked hard on your screenplays, stories, drawings, or other creative projects why not spend the extra money and make sure that if someone tries to make claims on your work you have proof that your own the rights to the work?



Teen Summer Writing Fellowship


YAWP Summer Teen Fellowship

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Here’s a teen fellowship opportunity I recently discovered.

GrubStreet’s Summer Teen Fellowship immerses high school students in the writers’ life of creative craft and publishing. During three weeks at GrubStreet, teens work with published authors on original prose and poetry, meet with literary agents and editors, take field trips to inspirational locales like the ICA, and more. All teens will receive a stipend of $300 for their commitment to the program and their time spent as working writers. Payment of the stipend is contingent on attending all or nearly all of the sessions.


The Summer Teen Fellowship is an intensive, three-week creative writing program for young writers. Through classes, workshops, and readings, students will generate new work, learn about the craft of writing, and gain knowledge of the writing/publishing world.  The YAWP Fellowship is by application only and only 18 students will be chosen to participate. YAWP fellowship recipients may only attend the fellowship every other year, once as an incoming freshman/sophomore and once as an incoming junior/senior.

When: July 13th-July 30th, 2015, Monday-Thursday from 10:00am-3:00pm. Snacks are included each day.

Who: All incoming 9th-12th graders in the Boston area with an interest in creative writing.

Where: GrubStreet Headquarters

The program has these 3 elements:

  1. Generative: Writing from exercises in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.
  2. Workshopping: Learning how a traditional workshop works, learning how to give and receive feedback.
  3. Learning About the Writing/Publishing World: Learning about opportunities for writers during and outside of college, as well as the world of agents, editors and the writing marketplace.

In addition to completing the online application form each student must upload in their online application the following documents (these may be saved as a word doc or PDF):

  • 5-10 page Creative Writing Sample which can include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, cross-genre or experimental work. This may include multiple peices and/or genres (no school essays or journalism).
  • 5-7 sentence Personal Statement about why they want to be a YAWP Teen Writing Fellow this summer.

Please email with any questions.

Deadline: NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER March 27th at 5pm. No changes can be made to submissions after they have been received. 18 students will be chosen to participate with a short list of alternates. All applicants will be notified via email by Friday, April 10th.


Teen Writing Prompt 723


When I woke up on the beach I tried to remember how I got there. The last thing I remember was making my way to the bathroom during the whale watching trip with my school. I was so sick I stayed in there all day.

I found myself lying on this beach. It was hot and windy. My arm was burning. At first I thought it was sunburn but then when I looked down I saw a tattoo burned into my arm…

Continue the story. How did she get there? What happened to the others? Describe the tattoo and continue the story.

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Write a story about a girl waking up and finding herself on a tropical beach. When she looks down at her shoulder she discovers that now she has a tattoo on her arm.

Teen Writing Tip


good vs. evilI know a lot of you probably wonder what kind of book you should write. The trend is dystopia which are stories about a future world where everything is bleak. The Hunger Games, The Giver, The 5th Wave, Unwind, Divergent, and many other series tell stories about a world where life is unfair and unjust. Protagonists in these stories are forced to find the courage to change the world they live in.

Writing this kind of book won’t guarantee you success. I think you need to write the story that’s calling to you instead and don’t try to follow the “trend” because I think publishers are looking for new, original material.

I am writing a realistic fiction book. I think my story is original. I read lots of YA novels and I haven’t come across a series like the one I am writing.

Think about a character. Is your character and boy or girl? Now what does your character want? Love, revenge, success? Now create obstacles that will keep your character from reaching his/her goals. All stories are about these basic principles. Remember to be creative and have some fun.


Plans for Winter Break


Prompt 128I realize that I missed a post on December 21st. Now that winter break has started what are you planning to do with all your time? We have more than a week off. The Scholastic Arts and Writing deadline has probably passed already each region has a different deadline but I think you should still work on a short story. Either one you’ve started or a new one.

I plan to work on book two and write out the synopsis for book one so I can start submitting the manuscript soon. I hear Santa is going to be giving me the new printer I desperately need in order to print out my manuscript.

I think it would be a great idea to look back at one of your stories and get to work. I’ll plan on posting some more writing competitions soon so you better get ready.  Happy writing!

Teen Writing Prompt 722


It’s 70 degrees outside but it’s suppose to be freezing. Lately, when I give students in my writing class a writing prompt each and every story is about doom! I guess that’s because things seem so bleak and there is so much violence all around us.

Write a story about the weather changing. Why is it changing and how does your character react to the change? Is it getting colder and colder? What’s the deal? Be creative and have some fun

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How to Plan Your Stories

How to Plan Your Stories

Years ago when I was working with WriteGirl, a teen mentorship program for teen writers I took part in a writing workshop. Every month we worked on a different genre and that month it was fiction. I was told to create a character and to think about what that character wanted. Years later that character and writing exercise evolved into my first novel.  I just finished my manuscript this year.

I want you to try that exercise. I’ve added a few more components. Let’s see how it works for you.

Think about a character. What does your character want? Love, success, revenge? Now think about who or what wouldn’t want your character to achieve his or her goals. Remember it can be a thing. In the book Up in the Air, the protagonist was Mount Everest.

Now create a flaw or special skill for your character. This doesn’t mean that your character has to be a superhero. Everyone is unique what makes your character different?

Now create obstacles that will make things difficult for your character to get what he/she wants. I’ll check back and add more on my next post.

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