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Writer working on her first novel after years of writing screenplays. I want to give others the opportunity to start writing!

Teen Arts Competition – Young Arts



I know it’s early and school has just begun but the Young Arts Competition is back for another year. This competition is great for students in the performing arts, fine arts, cinematic arts and of course writing. You could have a chance to win $10.000 plus be part of a great mentorship program.

YoungArts is accepting applications from 15-18 year old artists for its 2016 Program through October 16, 2015. Applicants have the chance to:

  • Win cash awards of up to $10,000
  • Take Master classes with world-renowned artists
  • Perform and exhibit in the most prestigious venues in the country
  • Become eligible for nomination as a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts
  • Opt into the Student List Service, a directory of YoungArts applicants that is sent to the best colleges, universities and conservatories in the nation.

For more information and to view the video about this great program go to the Young Arts website.

Teen Writing Prompt 710



writng 3 Summer is coming to an end and I haven’t reached my writing goals, have you? Never fear , we still have a week left and the rest of the year. The only thing we can do is write.  Even if you can only manage one good hour during the day. Write. Write because you have something to say. Believe in your story and just write it.

I guess as I write this I am telling myself the same advice I am writing here. Life sometimes gets in the way and when it does do what you need to do to take care of yourself then come back to your story and keep the story moving forward until you finally come to an end. Writers write. It’s your story. Don’t apologize for anything because one day you will finish it and you’ll have an amazing journey to remember.

Here’s the prompt:

You move to a new house and walk around the house as you discover bits and pieces of items left behind from the previous owners. You find a story that a young girl started writing. She stuffed the journal behind a loose board in wall. What did she write? When did she live in the house? Write about the discovery and finish her story for her.

Teen Book Review Crossed by Ally Condie



I just finished reading Crossed by Ally Condie. I really enjoyed seeing Cassie evolve from a love stricken teen to a rebel. This book focuses on Cassie’s quest to find Ky after he’s been taken by the Officials and sent to another community. In this book you’ll see how Cassie becomes a strong person who is capable of doing things she never thought she could.

This book has romance of course but a large focus in this book is action. Here, we discover the darker side of Society and several secrets are revealed. I hate giving too much away by writing a long review. Just check out this book. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Teen Book Review – Matched by Ally Condie



I just finished reading Matched by Ally Condie. Matched centers on the life of Cassie Reyes a teenaged girl who has who’s scheduled to be matched. In Cassie’s world almost everyone in her society gets matched except for a few people who are chosen to live their lives alone.  In her society the Officials that oversee it are in control of everything who you marry, what occupation who will have and even when you die.

One of the things I loved about the book is Cassie. She’s a strong-willed teen who has a defiant streak in her and in her world having this trait will only get you into trouble. During Cassie’s matching ceremony everything does great. She’s matched with her best friend Xander, The only problem is when she is given a microchip that has courtship rules and information about her match another boy’s face pops up on the screen instead of her match. This events changes Cassie’s life forever. Why ruin it and tell you more? Just read the book before the movie comes out and yes this book is optioned too.

It has romance but by the end of the first book actions starts to build as Cassie sets out to find answers to mysterious events that has been happening.

Writer’s Conference



Women Who Write is having their annual writer’s conference on Saturday , October 24th. The conference is a women’s writers conference that feature women writers from various writing genres. The conference will be held in Madison, NJ at Madison Community House. It’s an all day gala that starts at 8:15am with a breakfast and ends at 3:20pm.

The great thing about this conference is that there are many breakout sessions where you could learn about picture book writing from women like Joanna Cardenas, Associate Editor from Viking Children’s Books / Penguin Random House. There are also many other sessions to select from and the guest list is pretty impression. There are speakers from YA, memoir writing, essay writing and so much more.

Writer’s conferences are a great way to connect with other writers, agents, and publishers.

Registration starts today. Click on the link below for more information and a conference schedule. By the way I will be a guest speaker at the conference. I will be discussing screenwriting. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!



Here is a scholarship opportunity I found in a Columbia Alum newsletter. If you are enrolled in college or a vocational school check this out.



Just Porter was founded on the idea that people are creators, adventurers and change makers. Our goal is to empower students to create their best work through the Just Porter Backpack Scholarship opportunity for the fall and spring semesters. We hope you take this opportunity to create, be an adventurer, or change the world for the better.


The winner of the Just Porter Backpack Educational Scholarship will receive a $1,000 scholarship. The scholarship may be used for tuition, room and board, books, or school travel abroad. Funds will be sent directly to the winner’s university or college. In cases where this is not possible, alternative arrangements will be made. The winner will also receive their choice of a Just Porter travel rucksack, professional backpack, messenger bag or daypack.


To be eligible, you must be a legal resident of the US and 18 years of age at the time of entry. You must be an enrolled student, full time or part time (at least 6 hours), in a post-secondary educational institution, including junior colleges and vocational schools, at the time of entry (an “Eligible Student”). Void where prohibited by law. The Promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. By participating, entrants agree to these Official Rules and agree to accept all decisions of the Sponsor with regard to any element of the Promotion or interpretation of the Official Rules as final. Where permitted by law, entrants agree to allow all Promotion sponsors the right to use their names, photos or recorded voices in any publicity related to the Promotion/promotion without additional compensation. Decision of the judges is final.


Term Deadline
Fall 2015 Aug 31, 2015
Spring 2016 January 15, 2016


Before applying, read all of the instructions and eligibility requirements on this page. Then, fill out the application at the bottom of this page. Only one submission per person will be accepted. The winner will be featured on our blog, social media accounts.


Winners will be contacted via email 14 days after submission deadline. We will announce each semester’s winner on the dates above via our social media accounts and on this page.


All written submissions become property of Just Porter Backpacks and may be posted on our website, blog, social media accounts, or elsewhere as we see fit. You will not be added to any mailing lists by applying for the scholarship.


The idea of Just Porter was born in 2006 when founder, Chris Bahr, was doing humanitarian work in the Philippines.  He walked past a school in the barrio that had slanted boards for windows, no electricity and scrap wood desks. Chris went to the local market and purchased pens, pencils, sharpeners, paper and crayons with all the money in his pocket. When he returned to the school, he began giving the school supplies to the children, and the outpouring of happiness moved Chris to do more. Chris knew that he had to create a new way of helping, so he created Just Porter and the Giving 2.0 program.

Teen Writing Prompt 709


I feel restless and I am not sure why. It’s summer vacation so everything should feel perfect, right? My friends are all traveling with their parents. I was late in my summer job hunting pursuits so now I have now job. Actually, that’s not sure. I actually made some money writing stories for online magazine. The pay will help me get through the summer but I am isolated. Alone. And now I need to just do something.

What does this character do? Does she hit the road hoping to find an adventure or does something interesting come to town?

Prompt 22 Write about this place

Teen Writing Prompt 707


For some reason I never liked the land. The water always called to me. If my family ever moved somewhere I would seek out the nearest body of water. It didn’t matter if it was a lake or the ocean. I needed to be near it. Touch it. Smell it. Taste it.

Finish the story. Who is this character and what’s up with the obsession with water?

boat on blue water