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Writer working on her first novel after years of writing screenplays. I want to give others the opportunity to start writing!

Teen Writing Prompt 709


I feel restless and I am not sure why. It’s summer vacation so everything should feel perfect, right? My friends are all traveling with their parents. I was late in my summer job hunting pursuits so now I have now job. Actually, that’s not sure. I actually made some money writing stories for online magazine. The pay will help me get through the summer but I am isolated. Alone. And now I need to just do something.

What does this character do? Does she hit the road hoping to find an adventure or does something interesting come to town?

Prompt 22 Write about this place

Teen Writing Prompt 707


For some reason I never liked the land. The water always called to me. If my family ever moved somewhere I would seek out the nearest body of water. It didn’t matter if it was a lake or the ocean. I needed to be near it. Touch it. Smell it. Taste it.

Finish the story. Who is this character and what’s up with the obsession with water?

boat on blue water

Teen Writing Prompt 705


once upon a time

The third book in The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey series is coming out soon. The novel reminds me of the movie Red Dawn. They are both stories of invasions and children fighting back. In the newest Red Dawn it’s the Koreans. In The 5th Wave the enemy is aliens who look like us. It’s incredible how one story can be recycled into something new and exciting.

There are a few basic story lines. Characters want love, revenge, to be successful.If you think about any novels you’ve read the characters want one or all the above. Write a story about an invasion. You can make it a historical event or whatever you want. Just place your character in the middle of an invasion from an outside enemy.

How does your character handle it and does anyone help your character with this problem? Be creative and have some fun.

Teen Writing Prompt 704

Teen Writing Prompt 704

Write a story about a countdown. What are you counting down to? Is it a countdown to the last day of school? Maybe it’s a countdown to when an alien ship will reach the earth or maybe a countdown to when the mysterious virus has affected everyone around you will get you too. Maybe this countdown forces you to fight and find a cure.

The “ticking clock” in stories helps to add tension. Think about Trish in Divergent. She only had a limited amount of time to succeed and if she failed she would be factionless. The novel Life as We Knew it also had a countdown as an asteroid traveling towards the moon would cause devastation on the Earth.

Teen Writing Prompt 703

Teen Writing Prompt 703

Write a story about a student who is gifted. This student may be a gifted dancer, musician, artist, or athlete. Write a story about their struggle to be the best at what they love. Don’t forget to include his/her struggles. Without struggles we won’t connect with them and they attempt to achieve greatness.

Writing Tips for the Summer


Summer break is approaching and it’s time to set your writing goals. If you live near an independent bookstore like Watchung Bookers in Montclair, NJ. YOu should check out their summer programs for teens. If not check on al my past blog posts. I have four years of writing prompts and book reviews for you to check out.

Don’t make a goal that will give you pressure. It’s summertime so you need to relax. My goal is to write a draft of my new book. I hope a three hour a day goal can get me there. I also want to go back to my writing roots and write a screenplay. What are your summer writing goals? The Writer’s Circle in Summit NJ is hosting a summer workshop series for young writer and they have excellent students and teachers.

palm treeswritng

Teen Writing Prompt 702


frontal train tracks


They were chasing me so I ran to the train yards. There were trains coming in and going so I knew that I could buy myself some time. I ran to one of the ones that was leaving and discovered that the door was unlocked. I pulled hard then threw myself inside the car and closed the door.

The train traveled for hours. Luckily I had a bottle of water with me and half a sandwich left over from lunch.

Where is this character going? Who is coming after her? Where did she get off? And more importantly what’s next?