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Writer working on her first novel after years of writing screenplays. I want to give others the opportunity to start writing!

Screenwriting Fellowship


Here’s something for screenwriters.


Each year, the Academy ( as in the folks who sponsor the Oscars ) Nicholl screenwriting competition awards up to five $35,000 fellowships to amateur screenwriters. To enter, submit a feature-length screenplay and entry fee via the online application. Fellowship winners are invited to take part in awards week ceremonies and seminars and expected to complete at least one original feature film screenplay during the Fellowship year so this one is for older writers but I will be posting information for young screenwriters/filmmakers.

Now, although this is not specifically for teens but Nicki Reed wrote her first screenplay  for the movie Thirteen when she was only thirteen and she even starred in the film.

The online application form must be completed and a PDF version of the script uploaded by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on May 1.

Teen Writing Prompt 698


Write a poem about your “bucket list”.

My bucket list is comprised of:

palm trees

Living in Los Angeles by the beach  (done)

Living in New York (done)

Hiking to Machu Picchu

Living in a foreign country

Learning to surf


Driving across the country

Being a best selling writer

Living in Brooklyn

Going to Austin, Oregon, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Hawaii

Traveling around the world some places include Morocco, China, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Italy, Malta, Greece, Paris, France, Amsterdam, Prague, Peru, Costa Rica, Egypt (I’m sure there are a few more to add to the list)


Teen Book Review – Second Verse by Jennifer Walkup


I just finished reading Jennifer Walkup’s debut novel, Second Verse. Jennifer is a fellow teacher at the Writer’s Circle, a writing workshop series based in Summit, New Jersey. Second Verse, her  debut novel is a teen romance about a girl named Lange who attends Preston Academy of the Arts. It’s October and Halloween is just around the corner and the school is getting ready for Halloween activities. The most popular activity is The Hunt, a murder mystery where students attempt to figure out a murder based on clues.

Lange and her best friends Stace and Kelly are all excited about The Hunt and Halloween. To get things started they decide to hold a seance in Lange’s farmhouse, a place that was once the site of a series of murders.

park with pondOn the night of the seance something mysterious happens that connects Lange with Vaughn, Stace’s “boyfriend” and changes their lives forever. Great book. It’s part romance, part mystery and lots of fun.

Teen Scholarship for Italian Americans


This scholarship if for Italian Americans. There are more scholarships on the UNICO website for graduate and undergraduates.


The Major Don S. Gentile Scholarship is available to high school seniors who are planning to attend an accredited program at a college/university. You must be a U.S. citizen and be of Italian heritage to qualify for this award.

Prize: $6000 ($1,500 a year over a four-year period)

Deadline:April 15, 2015

Go to the website for more information.

Teen Writing Prompt 696


Write a poem about the weather.

Snow Falling Outside my Window


White snow falling outside my window

Creating a false world

Free of trouble and the ugliness that sometimes comes

But within the lies the cold is there

Reminding us of the bitterness

Reminding you that even when things look beautiful it might be false

But the snow does cleanse even it only for a moment

And therefore gives us hope


Book Review – The Wonders of All Things by Jason Mott



I just finished reading The Wonders of All Things by Jason Mott. Although this novel isn’t YA I thought it was worth mentioning. The novel tells the story of a young girl named Ava, who discovers that she has the power to heal people. The first incident where her ability is discovered  is when her best friend is injured after an accident at an air show.

People all over the world flock her small North Carolina town hoping that she will help them. As people flock to the town her father, Macon, the town’s sheriff tries to keep everything under control but with the hope of being “cured” by Ava mayhem erupts and Ava’s once peaceful life is sent into chaos. Although Ava would want to help people, her help comes at a cost. With each “healing” Ava’s own health declines.

The novel’s ending is ambiguous. I guess each person can choose their own interpretation of the ending but regardless of the choice the journey will be very enjoyable.

When I read this book I kept thinking how poetic the book felt. No wonder because Jason Mott has his masters in poetry.

Teen Writing Competition – Annual Signet Classic Essay Competition



I’m excited to announce that the annual Signet essay competition is underway.  This is a great essay competition for 10th and 11th graders attending school full-time. Home school students are also eligible as long as they are between 16 and 18 years old.

This year’s novel is Pygmalion and My Fair Lady. Entrants must select from a list of six essay topics. Essays need to be submitted by your English teacher. There is a list of rules and regulations on the website.

Deadline: All entries must be postmarked by April 14th and/or received by April 21, 2015. There are five winners and the prize is $1000 plus a Signet Classic Library valued at $1,600 for your school. This competition is sponsored by Penguin Books.

Click the link below for more information ad good luck!


Teen Writing Prompt 695


big beautiful tree

This tree makes me think about somewhere special. It just looks like it should be somewhere special and magical. Tell me about that special, magical place. How did you get there? Perhaps it was a wish that somehow came true?  Maybe it isn’t real at all.  Come up with your story and have some fun. For me, I see it as an oasis in the middle of parched land.

My character has to stay there for a while to get stronger and she doesn’t want to leave the refuge of the leaves and food that the tree provides that nourishes her but she must go on in order to save her little sister who was kidnapped. In fact maybe all the little children were taken from their families but she’s brave enough to follow the kidnappers. That’s what I think about as I look at this photo. What do you see?