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Teen Book Review – Champion by Marie Lu

Teen Book Review – Champion by Marie Lu

I just finished reading Champion by Marie Lu. It’s the final book in the Prodigy series. I thought the series was over after Day discovered that he was dying at the end of the last book. He also broke it off with June, the lover of his life. In this book June is working with Arden, their country’s leader and it’s clear that Arden, the handsome young leader wants more with June. The only thing that stands in his way is Day.

This book begins with Day and June leading separate lives. Day’s text is red while June’s is black. The story is told seamlessly by their point of views. The big war between the colonies finally erupts leaving them having to fight and risk a lot in order to save the ones they love and their country.

There’s lots of action in their #teen book. It was a great book! I think you’ll enjoy


Teen Book Review- Miss Peregrines Home for Perculiar Children


A few months ago when I was at the movies I saw the trailer for #Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I decided to read the novel before I saw the movie and I loved it. The book is unique. There are many odd photographs throughout the book that go with the story which made me wonder if the author saw the photographs and based the story around them. Either way it really doesn’t matter. The storytelling is artful and exciting.


It reminds me a X-Men where these children have special powers. The story is about a boy named Jason who saw hi grandfather’s murder by a strange creature. No one believes him. His parents believe that he’s traumatized after grandfather die but soon Jason discovers a world where the normal rules don’t apply and children who have special skills. It was very exciting and unexpectedly filled with a little romance to boot. Read this book for the beautiful writing and the great story.


Teen Book Review – The Last Star by Rick Yancey



I just finished reading The Last Star by Rick Yancey. I waited an entire year for this book to be released and it was worth the wait. The story is  from various characters point of view. It follows Ringer as she makes her way back to Zombie after loosing another member of their team. Cassie and Evan Walker deal with the aftermath of Grace, a sniper who tried to kill them.  Zombie continues to  deal with the loss of his sister and his own insecurities as he continues to take charge of his child soldiers who are fighting to save the Earth. Meanwhile, Vosch is getting ready for the Fifth Wave.

One thing I love about this book is the strength of its female characters. Cassie and Ringer both have undying strength and courage. The love story is a backdrop but it’s still there.

This book is packed with action. I don’t want to release spoilers so all I can say it that I read it in three days. Can I say more?

Teen Book Review -Legend by Marie Lu


I just finished reading Legend by Marie Lu! What a great book. The story is set sometime in the distant future where children are forced to take trials, tests that determines where they fit into society. Pass the trail and you’ll be set up with a good job and a good life. Fail the trials and you’ll have to work in the labor camps. At least that’s what’s everyone is told.

The story is told from two perspectives, June, a rich teen,  prodigy who is working for the Republic’s military and Day, a teen criminal who is accused of murdering June’s brother. They are equals living in opposite worlds.

Lu does a great job of combing romance with suspense as June sets off on her first assignment – to find her brother’s murderer. Things aren’t as cut and dry as June hopes.  Once she meets the charismatic Day everything she’s ever known is turned upside down.

This story has action and suspense. I couldn’t put the book down. I am already looking for book 2 in the series. Check out this book. You won’t be disappointed. unnamed



Teen Book Review – The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig



imgresAlthough this book isn’t classified as YA I am still reviewing it because it should be. The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig is a dystopian novel set 400 years in the future, where twins are born to each family. One twin is classified as an Alpha, a perfect human while their twin, an Omega is born with birth defect and made into an outcast.

In this world the Omegas are treated like second class citizens almost as if they are living under an apartheid regime. They live on the worst land and have to fight to survive. The only twist is that Alpha and Omegas are connected from birth to death. If an Omega dies his or her twin dies with them.

The main character in this novel is Cass, an Omega with supernatural powers. Cass is a seer and is able to see things in the future. Because of her unusual defect she’s able to hide her difference from their parents and the people in her village.

This book is full of action and even has some romance. Although Cass isn’t a “warrior” like Katriss Everdeen or Tris Prior she still holds her own in a world that has gone crazy as people set out to kill her.

New Novel Released- The Infinite Sea



I am currently reading The Infinite Sea, the second novel in the 5th Wave series by Rick Yancy. It’s so hard to keep track of all the sequels constantly coming out. It seems tat just about every YA novel is part of a series.

Book 2, The Infinite Sea continues the story of Cassie Sullivan, one of the last survivors of an alien invasion that has killed off more than half of the Earth’s population. In this world there is little room for love as survivors band together to fight the humanoid species that is attempting to kill off the remaining survivors ad take over the planet.

I will be writing a review soon.

What’s Your Teen Summer Read?



MMITyG3ja0DFlLlngNhXYTZF8i1dV2PIGzf-xdDCxT89k1C3XgUdJzgIX0TiK6v5HF0oTA=s85City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare is on my reading list this summer. I have already started off to a bad start not reaching my writing goals but my summer read will be a piece of cake. I plan to get the book today. This book is the last book in the Mortal Instruments series.

If you remember City of Bones was the first book in this series. The movie didn’t do well but the book series is outstanding. don’t let the movie’s failure deter you from reading the books. Here’s where the last book left off. There was a great defeat against the shadowhunters and many of them were killed after Sebastian planned and successfully executed a surprise attack on their city. To make things worst Jace is now evil and being controlled by Sebastian and all hope seems to be lost. Regardless Clary and Simon must find a way to stop him and save the world from evil. Sounds exciting? I bet it will be.

YA Book Review – UnSouled by Neal Shusterman


I just finished reading UnSouled by Neal Shusterman. This book is the third book in the Unwind series. The novel centers on the life of Connor, a rebellious teen whose parents decided to have him unwound. In this world teenagers can get unwound up until the age of seventeen. Unwinding a teen pretty much sounds like the word. Kids are taken apart piece by piece and their body parts are donated to other people. When Connor’s parent’s signs the papers to have him unwound he escapes and inadvertently becomes a hero and fugitive whose goal is to help other teens like him.

In this book Connor sets out with his best friend Lev as he tries to locate Risa, the girl he’s in love with. Things become complicated as Cam, the first rewound being joins Connor on his journey. There’s lots of subplots with make this novel very exciting. Great novel. The movie is already in pre-production. Don’t miss out. Read the book before the film comes out. You won’t be disappointed.

unwind trilogy


Teen Book – Shade of the Moon

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois). Français : Pleine Lune vue de la Terre en Belgique à Hamois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was walking through Barnes and Nobles and discovered that Susan Beth Pfeffer just came out with a fourth book in her Life As We Knew It Series. The series focus on two groups of people who are survivors of a natural disaster that caused the moon to be pushed off its axis.

I loved the series and can’t wait to get my hands on this book.


A New YA Book – The Bone Season

As if the earth were unmoved--

As if the earth were unmoved– (Photo credit: DerrickT)

I just got my hands on The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon.  This YA novel is about a future time when people who have special abilities are outlawed.  Shannon has a seven book deal and of course the movie is in the works.  I just started reading the first page and it really grabbed me.  

Why not open a book ay book and read the opening paragraph and rewrite the rest and see where the journey takes you.