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Pictures to inspire teens to write!

Teen Picture Prompt 790


Write a story based on these photos.

I looked across the East River wondering what I should do. They were going to find me if I didn’t leave. I look at Roosevelt Island, a lonely looking place often forgotten in the midst of this crazy city.

If I snuck aboard one of those boats I could make it across. It was worth a chance and maybe a chance is all I needed….

Create your own story or continue mine. Be creative and have some fun!


Teen Picture Prompt 788



This sign signals a simple warning but what if it’s a real WARNING? What is one of the worst things that could happen if you ventured out onto the dunes? Would it swallow you alive? Is there a monster hidden somewhere under the sand? You decide! And remember have some fun!

Teen Picture Prompt 776


Write a story about what happens when you walk through this doorway.


(You can continue this story or create one of your own.) Be creative and have fun.

I opened the doorway. As I opened it the door moaned like an old woman. The first thing I was greeted by was the smell. It smelled like the ocean mixed with earth. I heard stories about this place. It was once a place where monks would house the children from the nearby town. The townspeople were afraid of them because they were born different.