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Teen Writing Prompts to help you get writing.

Teen Writing Prompt 824


I woke up and went to the kitchen in order to get something to eat. I was waiting or my mother to yell at me for getting up late for school but she wasn’t there. The house was empty.

I waited at the bus stop and no bus came. No dogs were being walked. No joggers got in their 10,000 steps. Mrs. Sandleman wasn’t pulling out of her driveway. Nothing. I had to walk all the way to school and no one car passed me. There were no crossing guards. No students. No cars parked in the lot.

When I walked inside—-

Continue the story and explain what has happened.Is anyone else there? What’s the story? Be creative and have some fun!

Teen Writing Prompt 823


I keep having the same dream over and over again and then I wake up. Tonight’s no different. My heart is pounding and I can’t catch my breath. Things have been changing around me and I’m not sure what it all means….

Finish the story.

Teen Writing Prompt 822


Write a character description about one of these men. Why not make him the best friend or a boyfriend. Maybe your protagonist has more than one boyfriend. Think about the way the person is dressed and how he poses in the photo. What does that tell you about him?

Be creative and have some fun.

Teen Writing Prompt 817


Write a story about an April Fool’s Day prank that backfires.


Here’s my story. You can create you own prank or finish mine!

I hated Kevin O’Donald, ever since he made me look like an idiot in gym. The problem is that today is Valentine’s Day and I sent him a Valentine hoping to make him think that someone likes him WHEN nobody likes him! The problem is he found out I sent the Valentines to him and now he likes me! He keeps smiling at me with that goofy smile. He puts Snickers bars on my desk! They are my favorite candy the the way and I don’t even know how he found out. Every day a Snicker bar and that goofy smile. Maybe he just want me to get fat!

The problem is after all this attention I am starting to like Kevin O’Donald back ….

Teen Writing Prompt 810


I have been seeing lots of writing prompts for one-sentence stories lately. A one-sentence story is a story told in one sentence. Although the story is still very short it must have some kind of introduction, plot twist, and conclusion.

Here’s an example by Adam Kreitman that was posted on the Crazy Egg.

“I threw away an opportunity because I was scared, now I’m scared I will never have an opportunity.”

Now try a one-sentence story of your own.

Teen Writing Prompt 803


Write a 400 word short story that includes the following:

  • Four friends who are very different from each other.
  • A mode of transportation for example bikes, a plane, car, skateboard etc.
  • A quest
  • A secret place
  • A crazy parent

Be creative and have some fun.

Teen Writing Prompt 802


Most books have subplots In the world of YA the subplot usually focuses on romance. Just think of Hunger Games, Divergent, The Hate U Give, The Maze Runner, and Children of Blood and Bone.  All of these novels contain subplots that focuses on the protagonist falling in love despite the challenges that he or she is facing. It doesn’t matter if the protagonist is male or female somewhere along their journey the issue of love comes into to play.

Subplots help move the story forward and many times they create obstacles. Loving your enemy is a popular subplot or actually allowing yourself to fall in love despite the pain you are experiencing is another. Subplots help to reveal more about the characters and at times helps to make them vulnerable.

What subplot can you create to help make your story more suspenseful and interesting?

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