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Teen Writing Prompts to help you get writing.

Teen Writing Prompt 758


The snow kept on coming and it felt like it would never stop. They said that it was because we destroyed the environment and that’s why it was July and winter was still here. We stored away food and fought to keep the roof of the greenhouse clear so the crops would continue to grow….

Finish the story. What is winter never ended? Write a story about how your characters would survive in this new world.


Teen Writing Prompt 753


The road was dark and the willow tress hung over the road like claws reaching out to us but we continued. Fear was a luxury we didn’t have…

What is your characters running from or running to? Image if you were in this place. What would be going through your head. What would you feel? Me, I can feel my heart pound as I think about this place. It’s like holding my breathe forever as I try to calm myself. What is it like for you?

Be creative and have some fun.


Teen Writing Prompt 748


You are driving to Florida with your friends. For some crazy reason your parents thought it would be a great idea in order to make you more responsible. You promised to take breaks and be careful. As you stare out the window you notice something happening off in the distance. Just then the car mysteriously stops.

You can’t figure out what’s wrong even though you took auto shop class for the last three years of high school making you the ultimate freak. What did you see off the road? Why did the car mysteriously break down? Write a story about what happens.


Teen Writing Prompt 747



Spoken word poetry was created to be performed. With so much going on I am sure you all have a lot to say. What’s on your mind?

Write a spoken word poem to tell us how you fell right now.


It Could Have Been Me

It could have been me. The victim. Without a voice.

I went to that party and everyone was drinking.

It was late.

My friend Scott left me alone.

In a room filled with guys.


Nothing happened.

I just stayed there all night waiting for the buses to start running.

Nothing happened.

Except I had to wait until morning.

Nothing happened.

Even though I was the only girl in a room filled with guys.

But she wasn’t so lucky.

But I was.

But the truth is everyone that all the time everyone should be as lucky as me.

Teen Writing Prompt 745


FullSizeRender (2)

Yes I am sharing my summer picture with you. I took this picture at Island Beach State Park. To get to the beach you have to drive on this back road. On both sides of the road are trees, brush, and dunes beyond the road.

When I am at the beach I get so many ideas for stories. Imagine yourself sitting on the beach. You hear the waves roll up onto the shore. You smell the salt air. The sun beats down on you.

Now these birds were pretty aggressive. They’ll actually dig through your bags and take your food it you’re not careful.

Write a story about this bird and your encounter with him. He doesn’t have to be tame. He could be evil just like the birds in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds. 

Be creative and have fun. Again don;t over edit yourself with the first draft just allow your writing to flow.


Teen Writing Prompt 744



Is it the story of the characters that keep you interested in a story? I have read books with a fantastic premise but I didn’t care about the characters. I have also read stories with great characters but the story just wasn’t there.

Okay, here we go. Here is a picture of your protagonist. What does this picture tell you about him? What’s his story?

Teen Writing Prompt 742



I was the only one to survive. I am sure of it. I saw the boat go under it’s fingers trying to grab me as I swam away. It was dark. So dark that I couldn’t see where I was going. I just let the tide carry me, hoping it would carry me to land. My life jacket helped keep me afloat but I knew that it wouldn’t help me fight any sharks that I might encounter.

When I woke up and saw a deep blue sky and a bird. A beautiful bird.

Continue the story… Remember be creative and have some fun!

Teen Picture Prompt 741



Growing up I use to like those coming of age summer movies.   Almost Famous, and Stand and Deliver were great coming of age movies . Write a summer coming of age story based on this picture.

That day was the hottest day of the summer. It was nine o’clock and almost 100 degrees. Margie and I decided to go to the beach early so we could get the perfect spot close to the water but also with the best view of the lifeguards. I saw him almost immediately but of course he didn’t notice me. Jordi Benson only noticed girls in tiny bikinis while I am muscular and surfed every morning. I was in the best shape of my life and was hoping I’d finally get a sponsor to support me on my mission to become a professional surfer one day.

I am sitting with Carol and just finished setting up when I saw him …..

What happens next? Continue this story or write one of your own.