Teen Writing Prompt 769


Write an I’m sorry poem. Be creative and have some fun with the patten.

I also want you to turn that poem into a motion poem. Poem poetry combines poems with film creating something new and beautiful. Go to Motionpoem.com for examples.


I’m Sorry

I’m sorry that you wanted to see me cry but instead I arose like the Phoenix.

Strong and powerful.

I’m sorry that instead of making us crumble that we united and became strong.

Invincible and courageous.

I’m sorry you are so broken that the only way you can feel strong is to break me down.

Brave and Insightful.

I’m sorry most of all that in the past I allowed you to make me feel less than.

But now that will never happen again.








Teen Writing Prompt 768


Here’s your teen writing prompt. Write a poem about something that gets you angry.


What Can’t We Just Get Along?

Harsh words said to hurt another.

When we are all just trying to survive this thing called life.

Trying to find our place in the world when those words crawl under our skin.

And touch our soul.

Laughter, not with us – but at us.

Tearing us down.

Why can’t we just get along?

Instead of placing labels on those who are not sure how to even label themselves?

Or beating those who are weaker or less in number or with less power with our fists.

Why can’t we just get along?

When all of us just want the same thing.




And a chance to fit into this world.

Teen Writing Prompt 767


When I woke up I realized that they were all gone. Every single last one of them – the adults. I was beat, after staying up all night playing a video game with my best friend Malik. It was time to go to school by the time we finished our last game. I was in Ms. Dawson’s history class- boring. I felt asleep and was awaked my Malik nudging me awake.

” They’re gone. All go them,” he said as he looked at me. His eyes were red and I knew that just like he he had fallen asleep too just like everyone else in school who were playing the game all night.

What happens next now that everyone realizes that all the adults are gone. You can start your own story or use my beginning but the rules are the same. All adults are gone. What do you do? Finish the story and remember be creative and have some fun. cha-maquina-de-escrever-e-livros

Teen Writing Competition



The Annual Signet Classic Essay Competition sponsored by Penguin Books is coming up soon. This year’s book is The Tempest by William Shakespeare. To enter this contest you need to review the five essay questions and select one.

Open to 11th and 12th grade full-time matriculated students who are attending high schools located in the fifty United States and the District of Columbia, or home-schooled students between the ages of 16-18 who are residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia.

Prize $1000 ( there are five $1000 prizes)

Deadline: April 14th postmark or April

Teen Writing Prompt 763


I recently went to the Black Maria Film Festival here in West Orange. A motion poem is a combination of a poem and a short film.

How Do You Raise A Black Child is the film that was selected for the film festival. This poem is about the fear and concerns black parents have for their children. Here is the film I saw at the festival.

How Do You Raise  A Black Child


Falling Lessons: Erasure One

This poem is about a girl who takes care of her aging father.



A path along the canal in Venice, CA

Teen Writing Prompt 762


Write a story or poem based on the title When I let Go



When I Let Go

When I let go I will be free!

Free of anger, hurt, and shame.

Free from the guilty because once I wasn’t strong enough.

When I let go I won’t feel anger at myself for not standing up.

When I let to the hurt will vanish and be replaced by forgiveness.

Forgiving myself for the shame I feel for not standing up  for myself.

Now I can be free because I know that the weakness I felt was strength.

Strength that not only helped me endure the pain but helped me fight and become free.