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Teen Writing Prompt 835


Alexa opened her eyes and looked up at the blue cloudless sky. Her body ached. Her head felt like it was floating up in the sky. She sat up and looked around. She was in the middle of a grassy field that was covered in wildflowers.

What happened to Alexa? How did she end up in the field? Describe Alexa and what she does next.

Teen Picture Prompt 798


When I board the ship I tried not to think about what I was leaving behind. It’s one thing to move to another city, another state, but now that the earth is going to die I have to go….

What happens next? What is the protagonist’s new home planet like? Continue the story.

Teen Writing Prompt 738


Titles sell books. Well, it’s the total package really. When I am browsing the bookshelves in libraries or bookstores searching for a book to buy or check out it’s often the artwork on the cover and title that helps me decide which one to take.

Write a story based on this title. If you plan to write a story and share it on the My Words page let me know which title you chose. Good luck!

The Toss Up

Heaven Sent

Out of Time


Teen Writing Prompt 737


Write a story about the world getting hotter and hotter or colder and colder.

What do your characters do about this new development? What is happening to people and the world around you as this phenomenon begins and takes hold? Me, I think I might go underground in a network of caves and prepare somehow.

If you’re into sci-fi maybe you’d make plans to leave Earth? What would your characters do? Maybe they’d throw one last party then make plans to survive?

What would you do in order to survive?


Teen Writing Prompt 724


Great stories begin with two simple words “what if?”  What if every year a two teenagers from your community are forced to fight to the death in televised gladiator games? What if you fall in love with a boy and discover he’s a vampire? What if you discover that demons and angels are real?

Here’s the prompt. What if you’re out camping with friends and you see something fall out of the sky? What if you know that this object isn’t from Earth? What if you and your friends track and object and find an empty vessel only to discover that something was inside?

Now write the rest. Be creative and have some fun!

lane 1

Teen Writing Prompt 723


When I woke up on the beach I tried to remember how I got there. The last thing I remember was making my way to the bathroom during the whale watching trip with my school. I was so sick I stayed in there all day.

I found myself lying on this beach. It was hot and windy. My arm was burning. At first I thought it was sunburn but then when I looked down I saw a tattoo burned into my arm…

Continue the story. How did she get there? What happened to the others? Describe the tattoo and continue the story.

palm trees



Write a story about a girl waking up and finding herself on a tropical beach. When she looks down at her shoulder she discovers that now she has a tattoo on her arm.