Teen Writing Prompt 916


There are tons of horror stories out there. A Quiet Place introduces a story with aliens you hunt people by sound. It’s introduces a world where you have to be silent to survive. What can kind horror story can you create?

What is the monster that your characters face? What is it’s strength and what is its weakness? How did this creature come to to?

Teen Book Review -To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


Okay, I know that by now most if not all of you have seen all three movies. Maybe like me you even saw them a few times after all they were the perfect rom com. I decided to read the book after watching the movie because there really is something special about the written word.

I am currently writing a teen romance and I wanted to see if there was anything I could learn by reading To All the Boys I’ve Love Before. The books is very different than the movie but the heart of the story and several special moments are the same.

I think reading the book helps you understand the character’s voice. It also gives you a lot more background to the characters than the movie did. There were some times I loved in the movie and missed in the book and vice verse. As you work on your WIP work in progress. Why not pick up a book and read a story that has the same heart as the one you’re writing. Even if you’ve seen the movie it’s worth the read. Good luck and happy writing.

Teen Book Review: The Gilded Ones by Namina Forma


The story is a West African inspired fantasy that’s like Children of Blood and Bones meets Dread Nation. The story centers on the life of Deka, a young girl who is preparing for the purity ceremony where the priest will bleed her in order to determine if her blood is red or gold, the color of demons. This ceremony will determine if Deka will finally take her place among her people or be sentenced to the Death Mandate and executed.

On the day of the ceremony she bleeds gold and is taken to the dungeons where she suffered unspeakable tortures. A mysterious woman rescues her and she’s taken to a training camp where she meets other girls who are alaki, immortal warriors with special powers who are considered demons.

There’s a rick back story and world building that immerses into this magical world of women warriors. Many reviews describe this story as Black Panther meets Children of Blood and Bone, anyway you describe it’s a must read. I pre-ordered the book and waited six long months for it be be released and it was worth the wait!

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. #african fantasy # young adult fiction

Teen Writing Prompt 915


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Write a poem about how you’ve been dealing with everything.

The World Today

The world is falling apart.

Hate has become everyone’s best friend

As the tongue becomes the most deadly weapon that

helps turn followers into terrorists

That bring harm to those around them

Because of the hatred in their hearts

The biggest enemy isn’t the one that is so small that my eyes can’t see it.

It’s the ones that turns heart solid as ice and turns men into fools.

Teen Writing Prompt 912


Turn on your Spotify, iPod if you still have one or just the radio. Include the first song you hear in a story. You can either create a story based on the lyrics or have your character listen to the song. I was working on a story and Arron Frazer was performing. The song remembered me of summer and summer love.

Select a song and use it to inspire your story. Feel free to share.

Book Review: Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid


Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid, tells the story a Emira Tucker, a 25 year-old black woman who is accused of kidnapping the three- year old white girl that she’s babysitting. The story beings when Emira is out on the town at a club one night with her friends. Shaunie, Zara and Josefa. While at the club Emira receives a call from her thirty something white employer Alix Chamberlaine, Although it’s the middle of the night and Emira has been drinking Mrs. Chamberlain convinces her to come to the house and taken her daughter Briar to the local gourmet grocery store. While at the upper class grocery store a security guard is alerted that “there is a suspicious black girl” in the store with a white child. All hell breaks lose and Emira is forced to prove her innocent all while the entire incident is being recorded. Alix is horrified and feels responsible and is burdened by guilt sets out to “make things right”.

This story is about race relations and people’s desire to appear “liberal and woke”. The great thing about the book is that this message doesn’t come off as preachy. The story and the people feel real. There’s a nice mix of romance and a lot of turns and turns in the plot that kept me hooked. I really enjoyed this book and I know you will too. #kiley reid # adult fiction

Children’s Book Review: Sule the Proverbs Detective by Rene Rawls


I came across this amazing children’s book this week. It’s called Sule the Proverbs Detective. The book centers on the life of Sule, a 10 year old detective who uses proverbs to solve problems. This unique book introduces readers to the meaning of proverbs and to daily life in Africa with its beautiful and colorful illustrations of an African market.

When the story begins Sule’s friend Fara is planning a party. She’s overwhelmed because she has a long list of items to buy for her party. Sule tells her “when spider webs unite they can catch a lion”. Fara has no idea what Sules means by his proverb but before she knows it Sule grabs Fara’s list and sets off to solve her problem.

There are a lot of things I love about this book. I love the idea of Sule helping children understand proverbs. I think it’s a unique approach to a detective story. While Fara is on her journey to find out what Sule is up to, the readers have the unique experience to be detectives help Fara find the items for her party. It reminds me of the Highlights magazine that I used to read as a child. I loved being able to hunt for the “hidden” objects within the illustrated pages of the magazine. The book brings together storytelling and a puzzle that readers can help the characters solve. This children’s book that should be on every child’s bookshelf.

Teen YA book Review- Cousins by Karen McManus


I’ve just finished reading Cousins by Karen McManus. The book focuses on the lives of three cousins, Milly, Aubrey and Jonah who meet up for the first time, after they receive a mysterious letter from their estranged grandmother inviting them to spend the summer working at the family’s elite resort on Gull Island. Gull Island is a a island off the coast of Massachusetts. The three cousins have very different personalities. Milly is the outgoing, witty fashionista who enjoys being the center of attention. Aubrey is the shy champion swimmer who is dealing with her parents impending divorce and a boyfriend who ends up being MIA after she arrives on Gull Island. Last but not least there’s Jonah, a good looking awkward genius who is a loner with a crappy disposition.

The cousins parents are as different as they are. Milly’s mom was the beautiful, and needy carving attention from a boyfriend who rejected her after they hooked up. Aubrey’s dad, Adam was a self-centered ladies man who loves only himself. Jonah’s father, Anders is a disgraced financial adviser who took his clients for a ride.

The book flashed back and forth between present day when the cousins meet up and discover that there’s something array with their grandmother and realize that there many family secrets that need to be uncovered. Just Mc Manus’s previous books there’s romance and intrigue as the cousins work together to solve of the mystery of why their grandmother disowned their parents. You’re going to love this book.