What’s on Your 2020 Reading List?


The Children of Virture and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi is the top book on my 2020 reading list. It’s been a while since I read Children of Blood and Bone so I decided to reread book one first.

Children of Blood and Bone is a fantasy book set in Africa, during a time when magic has vanished and the people who use to wield it, were either killed or became oppressed. Zélie, the book’s protagonist is a rebel. You learn this about her nature as soon as you open the book. She’s a fighter and when the opportunity arises to fight back against her oppressors and return magic back to her people Zélie decides to fight.

I’m not sure what else is on my list. I definitely want to check out other series that I started. I would love to read the second book in the book had zombies and is set during Civil War times. In this series young slave girls are zombie killers.

Teen Writing Prompt 840


I as feeling sick that day, everyone was. There got to be so many kids out of school that they decided to close school. Teachers posted our work online and set online classes. It was really weird and I hated it.

The school had already given up all laptops so no one could make up a excuse of not having what they needed to do the work. Older people were fine but kids got sick….

What happens next? Does the illness create special powers in the kids? Where did the virus come from? Let your imagination guide you. Be creative and have some fun.

Teen Writing Prompt 838


There are some great books for artist. The Artist Way by Julie Cameron has a ton of exercises that helps you become creative. It’s a 12 week journey to help you get unblocked when you can’t think creatively.

Here’s one of my creative exercises. Look out the first window that’s near you. Describe the world outside the window. Make each person you see a character in your story. Tell us what they want and what their “issue” is.

Now tell me about your story’s protagonist. You can even choose tell the story fro the perspective of a character that is looking out the window. Maybe it’s a world she doesn’t belong in it’s all up to you.

Be creative and have some fun.

Teen Picture Prompt 836


The setting of a story tells us so much about the characters’ world and what they will face on their journey. Write a story about one of your favorite places and twist the story and make it a nightmare for your character.

I love the beach. Here’s my start.

Kia stood on the shore and looked as the waves rolled to the shore. It was a perfect day she swam all day. And now the sun was setting. Here, she didn’t have to deal with the fact that her best friend was now dating her boyfirend. She didn’t have to deal with the fact that her parants were getting divorced or that she had to make the decision on which parent she wanted to live with.

As Kia looked at the water something caught her eye. It was a creature that lloked like her but where feet would be was a tail. The creature moved quickly and grabbed her by the arm as she tried to run. Kia tried to fight but the creature was too strong. It pulled her into the water and into the bell of the ocean.

Teen Writing Prompt 835


Alexa opened her eyes and looked up at the blue cloudless sky. Her body ached. Her head felt like it was floating up in the sky. She sat up and looked around. She was in the middle of a grassy field that was covered in wildflowers.

What happened to Alexa? How did she end up in the field? Describe Alexa and what she does next.

Teen Writing Prompt 834


The winter storm brought in several feet of snow. Luckily there was lots of wood to keep the fire burning. We stocked up on food. Lots of it and there was plenty of water too.

When you looked out the window all you saw was white as the wind tossed the snow to and fro. As Hayden looked out the window she saw a figure approaching the door. She knew it couldn’t be here parents they told her that they were snowed in with her grandmother.

Who comes to the door? Is it friend or foe? Does Hayden open the door and it so what happens next?

Teen Book Review- Wonder by RJ Palacio


Wonder by RJ Palacio is the story of August “Auggie” Pullman, a young boy who was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that creates facial abnormalities.  Over the years Auggie’s parents tried to give him a “normal life”  but after many surgeries Auggie’s face still stands out. People sneak looks and stare at him. Children are often afraid when they see his face. This is something Auggie never gets use to. In face it’s one of the things he fears the most when he meets people. He picks up on the different ways people react to seeing him but nothing can help him deal with the rejection he feels from the world around him. It’s Auggie’s first time going to school and even though it’s the first year of middle school for all the kids going to his New York Prep school this year is bound to be more difficult for Auggie and being around other kids is the last thing he wants but his mother thinks it’s time for Auggie to try to fit into the world.

During his first year of fifth grade, he gets a best friend, Jack but also makes an enemy of Julien a privileged, rich kid who is bent on making Auggie’s life a living hell. The book is very heart-warming and heart-breaking. Palacio doesn’t attempt to hide the cruelty that children can inflict on their peers and that’s what makes Auggie’s journey to accept himself so powerful. The book like the movie also centers on the lives of Via, Auggie’s older sister, Jack, and Miranda- other teens who are trying to find their place in the world.

It’s a wonderful study of character and beautifully written. Check it out. 

Scholastics Arts and Writing Competition (Poetry, Science-Fiction/Fantasy and Short Story)


Here’s the information for the poetry, science fiction/fantasy and short story categories. (This information was taken from the Scholastics Arts and Writing site)


Writing in verse. May include but is not limited to prose poetry, free verse, formal poetry, song lyrics, and spoken word.

Special InstructionsEach submission may consist of 1–5 poems, which will be judged as a collection. Students may submit more than one collection, but must register each separately You are limited to 20–200 lines (total for the entire collection.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

This category includes writing that uses supernatural, magical, futuristic, scientific, and technological themes as a key element of the narrative.

All work in which science fiction/fantasy is the key element should be submitted in this category. Do not base characters or plots on already published works (books, movies, comics, etc.). Works that are novel-length should be submitted to the Novel category.

Your submission is limited to 500–3,000 words.

Short Story

A fictional narrative written in prose. You are limited to a submitting a story that is 500–3,000 words. If your story is Sci-Fi-Fi or fantasy then submit to that category. 

https://www.artandwriting.org for more information.

Scholastic Arts and Writing Competition (Novel Writing & Personal Essay/Memoir)


Novel Writing

To enter this category submit an excerpt from your novel that is no longer than 3,000 words as well as the completed novel in a PDF. Please include a brief summary of the entire novel. Below are the guidelines:

  1. Your submissions must be excerpted from completed manuscripts. Your submission must include a PDF of the full novel. The excerpt should not be longer than 3,000 words.
  2. Include brief summary (250 words or less) of the entire novel. The summary is meant to provide readers with an understanding of the full scope, themes, arc, and plot of your novel. The summary does not count toward the maximum word limit.
  3. Submissions must be uploaded to your student account at  registration page.
  4. Mail the form and fee to the address on the upper right hand corner of your submission from.
  5. You do NOT have to mail manuscripts with the form and fee.
  6. Your name and school must NOT appear on the submission.
  7. Adaptations of or sequels to existing published series are not accepted.

Personal Essay & Memoir

This category is a non-fiction category. The work must be a non-fiction work based on opinion, experience, and/or emotion that explores a topic or event.

Essays in which humor is the key element should be submitted to the humor category. There is a 500–3,000 words limit for your story. 

https://www.artandwriting.org for more information.